Automated portfolio manager and trading platform

Put your cryptoassets to work and get the best prices for trades

Trade vol (7d)


Total fees earned


Total liquidity


Liquidity Providers


For investors

Portfolios that generate yield and rebalance automatically

Balancer turns the concept of an index fund on its head: instead of paying fees to portfolio managers to rebalance your portfolio, you collect fees from traders who rebalance your portfolio by following arbitrage opportunities.

Battle tested and secure

Capital and gas efficient

Earn $BAL token incentives

For traders

Decentralized trades at optimal prices

Balancer enables efficient trading by pooling crowdsourced liquidity from investor portfolios and using its Smart Order Router to find traders the best available price. Exchange any combination of ERC-20 tokens permissionlessly, with ease.

Intelligent pricing

MEV protection

Gas optimizations and subsidies

For builders

A protocol for programmable liquidity

The Balancer Protocol is a core building block of DeFi infrastructure—a unique financial primitive and permissionless development platform. Balancer is the most flexible and versatile Automated Market Maker, giving developers unprecedented customizability.

Custom token weights & swap fees

Liquidity pools can operate on any price curve

Asset managers re-utilize dormant liquidity (coming soon)

Case Study

  1. Aave launched their 80/20 AAVE/ETH Safety Incentive pool on Balancer, allowing LPs to help secure their protocol while earning rewards in both AAVE and BAL.
  2. Aave is also building the first Balancer V2 Asset Manager—allowing idle assets in Balancer V2 pools to earn yield on Aave. This partnership brings more capital efficiency to LPs who earn additional fees on top of swap fees and BAL from liquidity mining.

“Part of what makes DeFi so exciting is its composability, and with Balancer this has resulted in a partnership that optimises the experience for liquidity providers through the Aave-Balancer Asset Manager and opens up new possibilities for Aave stakers with the AAVE/ETH Safety Incentive pool. We look forward to exploring more synergies with Balancer in the future.”

Stani Kulechov
Founder and CEO of Aave

The most informed see the writing on the wall for how integral Balancer is becoming to DeFi liquidity. It is beloved by builders for allowing them to build a vast array of liquidity pools to solve pressing problems. Over time, it will find itself at the center of more & more pivotal liquidity experiments.

Chris Burniske

Placeholder VC

Balancer is the epitome of technical excellence and innovation in the DeFi space. The soon to be released Balancer V2 is another testimony of continued effort to innovate through clever design. DeFiance Capital is proud to support Balancer in this exciting journey.


DeFiance Capital

Balancer has pioneered a great deal of innovation in the DeFi space and is one of the most widely used liquidity protocols. We are excited to help them expand further.

Su Zhu

Three Arrows Capital