A core building block of DeFi

A reliable, open-source, permissionless protocol. Build on Balancer to create new innovative types of pools and financial dApps.

Start building

Focus on new AMM logic rather than low-level accounting.


Customizable AMM logic with Smart Pools

Smart Pools are dynamic liquidity pools with parameters that can be adjusted via smart contract code. Pool owners can specify who can join the pool. Innovate freely on Balancer’s open-source code.

New Balancer V2 Smart Pools are coming soon.

V1 Smart Pool docs

Launch a token

LBPs for a fair and liquid launch

A Liquidity Bootstrapping pool is a dynamic Balancer Pool designed for fair distribution and price discovery of new assets. Through the Balancer DAO's official LBP partner Fjord, you can seamlessly create and fair launch your token to build your community the right way.


Capital efficient

Fair distribution