Balancer App

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The Balancer app is a User Interface that supports core Balancer protocol functionality and is the best way to discover pools built on the Balancer protocol. People use it to:

  • Explore liquidity pools across the Balancer ecosystem
  • Add and remove liquidity
  • Swap tokens
  • Stake LP tokens to participate in liquidity mining
  • Claim protocol liquidity mining incentives
  • Manage veBAL and vote on future token emissions

How it uses Balancer protocol

The Balancer App was the original proof-of-concept built on the Balancer Protocol technology. It showcases all the current major Balancer protocol smart contracts and displays pools from across the ecosystem. The Balancer App currently supports Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon and Arbitrum.

The code is open-source and available for anyone to inspect on Github. Anyone in the world can fork the repo and propose improvements to the code. Alternatively, anyone can fork the code and create their own UI with their own preferences.

The App also serves as a good reference point for developers looking to build on Balancer who want practical examples of how to interact with the smart contracts.

“The Balancer app has demonstrated the potential of the Balancer protocol with over $3B of liquidity added via the UI. The Balancer app is the place to explore all activity within the Balancer ecosystem and view innovative pools created by ecosystem builders. The Balancer app also supports core protocol functions, such as swapping, managing liquidity and veBAL voting.”

Gareth FullerEngineering Manager, Balancer OpCo Limited