TWAMM for large swaps

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Cron Finance is currently building a Time-Weighted Average Market Maker (TWAMM). The goal of TWAMM functionality is to execute large trades over a period of time in a way that reduces slippage and gas cost for the party executing a swap.

The Cron Finance team has been researching and developing TWAMM since November 2021 and have published detailed class leading analysis of their findings monthly on their blog.

How it uses Balancer protocol

Cron Finance is building their TWAMM functionality using Balancer custom pools.

Cron Finance have been awarded two grants from the Balancer Grants SP. Cron Finance completed phase 1 of their TWAMM development Balancer grant which included highlights such as custom pool integration, gas optimizations, attack vector analysis, payment for order flow system, and oracles. In their second phase they are developing an automatic MEV reinvestment mechanism, in-depth numerical analysis & testing, and finally completing a security audit by SpearbitDAO leading to launching on Goerli Testnet followed by the Guarded Mainnet Launch.

“TWAMM is a unique product offering that works in conjunction with an embedded AMM. We decided to use Balancer’s AMM due to its flexibility, extensibility and highly secure architecture. Before mainnet launch, Cron has been discussing integration with several teams like Olympus and Maker—they’ve all been excited to learn that Cron is building on top of Balancer. Inheriting Balancer’s AMM architecture and security allows focus on TWAMM features that our customers are interested in. Partnering with Balancer will enable Cron to shift the large volume of trades happening on closed and outdated OTC desks to open and trustless platforms.”

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