Idle is a decentralized protocol and DAO that steps up DeFi by reimagining risks and yields.

Since 2019, a vast range of liquidity providers - from DAO treasury managers and institutional players to individuals - have been using Idle to maximize capital efficiency and tailor their risk exposure to their needs.

Idle offers a wide and diversified set of single-sided strategies based on leading DeFi protocols, all featuring automatically compounded interest and no locking periods. There are two core products:

  1. Perpetual Yield Tranches are an innovative primitive that splits a single yield source into two risk/return profiles:
    • Junior Tranches are designed for risk-on users, as they offer no coverage on funds, but provide boosted yields;
    • Senior Tranches are designed for risk-averse users, as they feature built-in protection on deposits (given by the Junior class’ deposits)
  2. Best Yield vaults are automated strategies which combine multiple yield sources and programmatically route funds in the best performing market to always provide the highest yield available.
    • Junior BY vaults combine multiple Junior Tranches, allowing to automate an aggressive approach and offer significantly higher APYs
    • Senior BY vaults combine Aave, Compound, and multiple Senior Tranches, allowing to maintain a conservative risk profile while maximizing returns

How it uses Balancer protocol

Idle is a core partner of Balancer and the first yield aggregator protocol integrated into Balancer’s Generalized Boosted Pools.

In the Idle Boosted 3Pool - the first released product - funds are actively used for trades on Balancer and deployed into Idle’s Junior Best Yield vaults, unlocking superior returns.