Plutus DAO

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Plutus is an Arbitrum-native governance aggregator aiming to maximize users’ liquidity and rewards through offering exotic liquid staking derivatives. Plutus’ objective is to become the de-facto Layer 2 governance blackhole for projects with locked staking mechanisms and the home of exotic liquid staking derivatives.

How it uses Balancer protocol

Plutus users Balancer as a part of their plsRDNT product, which is built in conjunction with Radiant and Balancer in a way that leverages both ecosystems. plsRDNT is a liquid staking derivative of Radiant’s dLP token. The liquidity pool for plsRDNT resides on Balancer, allowing for a part of the yield to be automatically recycled through bribes to maximize ROI for users. plsRDNT allows RDNTWETH LPs to earn significantly increased yield in a sustainable way.

Interaction between plsRDNT, Balancer and AuraInteraction between plsRDNT, Balancer and Aura