Automated DeFi products

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PowerPool protocol offers automated DeFi products such as vaults and smart token baskets built on top of the Power Agent automation network, executing transactions according to defined strategies.

PowerPool was launched back in August 2020 as a meta-governance protocol for accumulating governance power in Defi. Driven by community decisions and major supporters such as Delphi Digital, PowerPool pivoted to developing automated Defi products such as smart token baskets and vaults. PowerPool’s evolution led to Power Agent—a decentralized automation network designed to reliably execute transactions and automate complex on-chain strategies.

How it uses Balancer protocol

The PowerPool team has been building indices on top of Balancer since October 2020. It has released multiple Ethereum mainnet products, including AMM-based indices and a stable-yield structured investment product (Yearn Lazy Ape).

“The introduction of Balancer V2 changes the landscape and allows building more complex and efficient solutions thanks to custom AMM pools, asset managers, and gas optimizations.”

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