Prime DAO

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DAOs are growing in power but remain isolated digital organizations. PrimeDAO creates next-generation coordination tools to connect them - built the DAO native way.

Prime DAO integrates with Balancer on:

  • Prime Pools
  • Prime Launch

Prime Launch

Prime Launch is a platform for fair token launches in a completely permissionless fashion.

Prime Pools

Prime Pools is a Balancer reward optimizer that aims to empower DAOs to contribute to the Balancer ecosystem by providing additional rewards and control.

Unlike current solutions, Prime Pools does not introduce a native governance token and instead aims to enable current veBAL holders to collectively lock their tokens and provide benefits to liquidity providers to enhance their rewards. By adopting Prime Pools instead of an aggregation platform with a Native token, Balancer can keep the majority of the value created by BAL inside of the Balancer Ecosystem.

How it uses Balancer protocol

Prime Launch provides a user experience to interact with Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs) on the Balancer Protocol.

Prime Pools enhances the veBAL tokenomics system.

“It is great to see a long term contributor to the Balancer ecosystem like PrimeDAO stepping up to create a veBAL boosting system. We have consistently supported ecosystem partners providing veBAL holders with a diversity of options to boost their rewards.”

Fernando MartinelliCo-Founder of Balancer