Lending and borrowing protocol

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Raft is a governance-minimized, decentralized protocol that allows people to generate the USD-pegged stablecoin R by depositing liquid staking tokens as collateral, providing a capital-efficient and low-cost way to borrow while keeping your staking rewards.

R aims to be the stablecoin of choice within the decentralized ecosystem, with deep liquidity across many trading pairs and a stable peg.

How it uses Balancer protocol

Raft uses Balancer as its primary liquidity venue for the R stablecoin. With Balancer's Smart Order Router and Composable Stable Pools, Balancer offers a unique and capital-efficient solution that allows R to maintain its peg and optimize liquidity for its users.

Further, with Balancer's veBAL design, Raft is able to bootstrap deep liquidity for R pools in the most effective way.

These Balancer pools are integral to support daily users of R via capital efficient swapping, as well as Raft's unique feature of One-Step Leverage which allows for users to gain up to 6x leverage in one single click.

Finally, the Balancer's pools are also used as a liquidity venue for liquidations.