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Stake DAO is a non-custodial platform that enables anyone to easily grow their crypto portfolio. It is built on top of decentralized blockchain protocols, offering a seamless way for people to grow, track, and control assets right from their wallet.

Stake DAO curates the top strategies, staking protocols, and more, into one intuitive dashboard, offering users an easy way to earn more from their assets. Every strategy has a carefully weighted risk score, enabling everyone to participate on their own terms and risk appetites. Stake DAO has yield boosting strategies for stablecoins, Bitcoin and a comprehensive range of ERC-20 tokens.

Stake DAO has a product called Liquid Lockers, which allow DeFi users to unlock power from lockable tokens (e.g. veBAL, ANGLE, FXS, CRV) without having to compromise on yield, voting power, or liquidity. With Stake DAO Liquid Lockers, anyone that supplies assets receives the maximum yield boost while retaining full voting rights and benefits of their token's native protocol, as well as the ability to boost voting rights, on-sell them, and exit their position back to the underlying token.

How it uses Balancer protocol

Stake DAO has built a Liquid Locker for the Balancer Protocol veBAL tokenomics system. This allows people to use Stake DAO to mint sdBAL with B-80BAL-20WETH and stake them in the gauge to receive maximum protocol APR, platform fees (8% performance fees on Balancer strategies), and SDT incentives, as well as boosted voting power on Balancer.