Tetu is a Web3 asset management protocol built on Polygon that implements automated yield farming strategies to provide investors with a safe and secure method of receiving a high and stable yield on their investments. Tetu's innovative solutions provide automated yield aggregation and distribution through xTETU.

Tetu's development focus is to build a self-sustaining yield management ecosystem that provides stable and attractive yields for users. Tetu aims to make the development of automated and decentralized Yield management solutions the main structure of the protocol.

The Tetu system is based on three principles:

How it uses Balancer protocol

Tetu has integrated with the Balancer protocol to create tetuBAL—a liquidity staking product. tetuBAL exposes holders to the benefits of staking veBAL, Balancer’s governance token. With tetuBAL, users do not need to stick to a 50:50 ratio when providing liquidity. The tetuBAL token automatically balances liquidity provided in the right proportion. tetuBAL gives users access to the smart pool while providing exit liquidity. The benefits of staking holding tetuBAL include governance rights, low transaction fees, and optimum dxTETU yields.