Make your crypto work for you

Invest and manage your portfolio like the pros, without the hard work or the price tag.

HODL Smarter

Sophisticated investing, simplified

Balancer is a set-and-forget protocol for investors, which algorithmically manages assets by rapidly rebalancing positions and earning trading fees over time.

Over 25,000 investors use Balancer’s flexible pool structures to choose the ideal configuration for their investment goals.

Regular AMM50/50 pools

Weighted poolsup to 8 tokens

Curve-stylestable pools

Custom logicSmart Pools

Plug and play options

Balancer offers easy portfolio configurations that have been designed and used by thousands of individual and institutional investors.

Customizability and choice

Balancer allows advanced investors to choose their level of exposure to each asset in their portfolio and to set custom price curves, enabling infinite strategies.

Built for security

Balancer’s battle-tested smart contracts are designed with security of investor funds as the top priority. They carry a history of security audits by elite firms and a 1,000 ETH bug bounty— the largest in the industry.

Maximize earnings from fees

Dynamic fee pools take advantage of market conditions to adjust trading fees and optimize revenue for investors.

$BAL incentives

Investors on Balancer receive $BAL token liquidity mining distributions for depositing assets into incentivized liquidity pools. Claim $BAL weekly on Tuesdays.

Permissionless platform

Balancer is a non-custodial protocol, so investor funds are always controlled by the investors themselves and not a centralized team or third party.