Decentralized liquid crypto market

Trade thousands of token pairs with instantaneous speed at optimal rates.

Trade now without barriers

The Balancer Protocol is an open financial marketplace that enables fast and secure trading. Get started immediately without needing to create an account or receive anyone’s approval.

Earn $BAL with every trade

Balance out your gas costs by getting up to 90% of your gas fees paid back in $BAL—a helping hand from the Balancer DAO. Claim $BAL weekly on Tuesdays.

Over $1.7b in liquidity

Balancer’s liquid market ensures that traders get the best possible prices for trades, large or small.

Optimized efficiency

Balancer lets traders maintain a token balance inside the protocol, executing trades without exiting the Balancer vault and making gas costs as low as possible—a high-frequency trader’s dream.

Zero-capital arbitrage

Using Balancer’s flash swap feature, traders can execute arbitrage trades that rebalance liquidity pools and send profits directly to the trader, without spending any tokens.

MEV Protection

Traders on Balancer are protected from Miner Extractable Value (MEV) which otherwise can cause higher gas fees and excess price slippage for DEX traders.

Permissionless platform

As a decentralized exchange, Balancer allows traders to transact without giving up custody of their assets to a third party; user funds are always controlled by the user.